Wood is Back in the Kitchen

Wooden Kitchen design - Wood Kitchen Utensils - Wooden Kitchen Countertop

If wood had gradually disappeared from our kitchens in favor of a more contemporary coated material, it is now staging its comeback and bringing warmth to the room once more. Read on for a decryption of this new trend.

Why is wood trendy again?

In the home, we aspire to return to simplicity. The trend is for “refuge,” a reassurance in times of crisis. Traditional materials that evoke a happy time are preferred. The return of wood also directly echoes concerns about the planet. In fact, we turn to healthy and renewable resources by choosing wood from sustainably managed forests. But that being said, timber doesn’t necessarily mean rustic furniture! Wooden furniture can offer sleek design that is on top of the trend.

How to get wood back in the kitchen?

Wood is particularly suitable for the kitchen because it brings warmth to the central place of the family. Thus the new collections of kitchen producers like Hygena, Schmidt and Ikea all offer wooden models. Some kitchens are adorned in full light wood, and others combine countertops and wooden furniture for a very Scandinavian spirit. You can also decorate the kitchen with a friendly wooden table. As for accessories, you will also have the choice with jars, trays and other utensils.

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