9 Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Cherry Tomatoes

cooking cherry tomatoes

If cherry tomatoes are small, they are not less juicy and tasty. Sublime them and enjoy their flavors in multiple sweet or savory recipes to delight your guests. To bring sun and a taste of summer on your table, here’s a selection of wonderful 9 ways to cook with cherry tomatoes to inspire your next brunch or dinner:

1. Cherry tomatoes skewers: alternate cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls, Comte cheese cubes or chorizo ​​slices to make delicious appetizing skewers.

2. Cherry tomatoes tarte tatin: For more originality, prepare a tomato tarte tatin with caramelized balsamic vinegar. Then, accompany it with a salad of mixed greens.

3. Creme brulee with cherry tomatoes and parmesan: All is said! And add a small sweet note by incorporating some chopped dried tomatoes.

4. Savory cherry tomatoes tart: To surprise your loved ones, make a tasty savory tart with cherry tomatoes. For a nice visual effect, cut the tomatoes in half and garnish your shortcrust pastry, flesh side up.

5. Cherry tomatoes clafoutis: Think about the clafoutis which is usually made with cheeries or berries. Let your cherry tomatoes whole and add feta cheese and basil to add flavor. Your guests will be impressed!

6. Cherry tomatoes tartlets: And for apperitive drinks, prepare small tomato tartlets with thyme and goat cheese. Just make small circles with a sheet of puff pastry, and top them with cherry tomato slices, crumbs of goat cheese, fresh thyme, and a dash of olive oil, then bake everything for 12 minutes and you’re set!

7. Pleasantly perfume your fish in foil, tagliatelle, chicken cutlets: Adjust the seasoning by adding a bay leaf, savory, thyme, rosemary. Grate a little Parmesan on top or cut a ball of mozzarella, complete with parma ham, pesto or eggplant caviar.

8. Cherry tomatoes jam with vanilla: If tomato is mainly cooked as a vegetable, it is nonetheless a fruit. So why not trying a cherry tomato jam flaored with vanilla for breakfast? However, make sure to remove the skin of the vegetable-fruit for a better aesthetics. Tomato goes well with raspberry, so use this tasty alliance to create new original jam recipes!

9. Finally, with coffee: don’t hesitate to offer small sweet cheery tomato bites. Short on time? Buy ready made caramel. Dip your whole tomatoes in, add sesame seeds for crunch and voila. Otherwise, it seems that with chocolate, it’s even better… Yum!

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