Dreamy Kitchen: Explore Your Color Taste

cool colorful kitchenChartreuse and fire engine red? Hot pink with turquoise and lavender? Why not? When it comes to creating beautiful spaces with unexpected color combinations, the perfect way to begin to explore your color taste is by observing your surroundings. Take time to study what you are visually attracted to, both likes and dislikes. Whether it’s painting your cabinets, walls or furniture, adding an accent color, or brightening your kitchen, here are a few fresh color ideas that will help you become fearless with color in your home.

[portfolio_slideshow id=115368 pagerstyle=carousel]Warm colors: Bright, vibrant, warm colors like oranges, reds or yellow energize a room like no others. Well known for stimulating appetite or creativity, these colors can be also toned down a bit to create a cozier and family friendly mood.

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[portfolio_slideshow id=115333 pagerstyle=carousel]Cold colors: If you love clarity and airy, coastal schemes, you’ll love cold colors. Cool and light colors tend to make rooms appear larger, and the light takes on a wonderful atmospheric quality. You simply feel good in it.

Photo credits: 1. Michael McKinley and Associates LLC, photo by Warren Jagger // 2. Southam Design Inc, Ottawa // 3. Courtesy by Vendome Press,photography by Eric Piasecki, New York // 4. Jute Interior Design, San Francisco //  5. Viscusi Elson Interior Design, San Francisco // 6. Merzbau Design Collective, photo by Brian Mihealsick, Austin // 7. CapeRace Cultural Adventures // 8. Susan Teare, Burlington // 9. Wallmark Homes, Vancouver // 10. Gacek Design, New York // 11. Sara Tuttle Interiors, Dc Metro // 12. Topnotch Design Studio, Boston // 13. Camilla Molders Design, photography by Jacqui Melville, Melbourne // 14. Live-Work-Play, Seattle // 15. Dan Waibel Designer Builder, Chicago // 16. Vermont Integrated Architecture, Burlington // 17. Greg Riegler Photography // 18. Niki Papadopoulos, Atlanta

[portfolio_slideshow id=115355 pagerstyle=carousel]Neutrals: Simplicity, sobriety and elegance at their best. Contemporary designer use more and more neutral colors to add deepness and refinement to various types of interiors. Wether your style is traditional or modern, taupe, beige, cream or brown invoke calm and longevity.

Photo credits: 1. Angela Free Design, San Francisco // 2. Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography, San Francisco // 3. Leslie Saul & Associates // 4. Olson lewis + Architects, Boston // 5. Claudia Martin, ASID // 6. Andra Birkerts Design

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