The Best Items for Cleaning Your Fruit and Vegetables

The top must-have accessories for fruit and vegetables — These item are guaranteed to clean and prep homegrown and market-fresh fruit and veggies quickly and easily.

potato brush

Potato brush
This handy vegetable cleaner has a high quality brush plus an ingenious device for safely and easily removing potato eyes.
$4.95, available at Gardener’s Supply Company


Scrub A Glove Veggie

Roland Products Fabricators Scrub A Glove Veggie
Cleans dirt and chemicals without removing all of the healthy vitamins, fun to use for both kids and adults!
$18.60, buy on Amazon.
Eva Solo Square Plastic Colander

Eva Solo Square Plastic Colander
In addition to its stylish design, the colander’s square rim shape adds to the appeal of food you serve.
$25.00, available at Amazon.


tubtrug colander

Tubtrug Colander
Gather vegetables, hose off and drain freshly harvested veggies.
$14.95, get it on Amazon.

Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth

Norwex Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth
This two-sided cloth is perfect for scrubbing and polishing fruit and veggies.
$19.00, available at Amazon.


Stretchable Mesh Fabric Reusable Bags

Stretchable Mesh Fabric Reusable Bags
Not only it’s a reusable bag, but you can also use it to wash, scrub veggies clean and store your produce.
$18.49, available at Amazon.


Joie Veggie Dude Vegetable Brush

Joie Veggie Dude Vegetable Brush
This little guy is the perfect companion to your kids when helping in the kitchen.
$4.71, get it on Amazon.


Wash Toss Sweeper Colander

Chef’n Wash + Toss Sweeper Colander
Perfect to clean a variety of foods from berries and grapes to beans and pasta.
$11.66, available at Amazon.
Veggie Scrub

Veggie Scrub, Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Washer
No need to peel skin away anymore! This scrub saves valuable time during food preparation and preserves the vital nutrients while reducing food waste.
$9.99, get it at Amazon.

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