Help! What Are the Best Cookbooks for Beginners?

best cookbooks for beginnersQuestion:” I’m 18 and I’m going to college this coming september. I would like to get a really good cookbook to help with my everyday cooking. I’ve been practicing with recipes that friends and family have given me, but I want a book that would be handy, keep me up with the cooking basics and last a long time. Do you have any suggestions for a good back-to-collegel recipe book?”
Sent by Ornella

Editors: Well congrats Ornella! About a good list of cookbooks, I’m sure our readers will share a lot of suggestion in the comments below. For now, here’s our 5 favorites right now, without specific order of preference. We think these are great start books for beginners:

Readers, what are the best cookbook for beginners according to you? Please help Ornella and share your views in the comments below.

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