4 Ways to Cut Your Budget and Keep Eating Healthy Food

healthy eating on a budget

Life is sometimes stressful and often expensive, but those aren’t reasons to give up and fall into the junk food trap.  Eating well while keeping our budget on track is possible if we follow some basic guidelines. Here are 4 rules of thumb for those who care about what they eat and feel concerned about their wallet:

Rule #1: No ready-made meals
It is often very expensive in the long run and not healthy (often too salty, too fatty, too much sugar, preservatives, chemicals).   If you do not have time to cook during the week, try to prepare big quantities during the weekend and freeze the meal portions you need for the week.

Rule # 2: Buy seasonal produces
It seems obvious for many people, but not necessarily for everyone. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are cheaper and taste better. There is also a seasonality for fish and cheeses!

Rule #3: Cook more vegetables
They are nutritionally very interesting and inexpensive. Try different varieties of beans, lentils and eat them hot or in salads. Lentils, for example, accommodate very well with oriental flavors. If you think veggies are too bland for you, you should play wit herbs and spices to add more flavor.

Rule # 4: Beware of the waste
Cook the right amounts of food! Freeze what remains, as stated above, or use the chicken and vegetable leftovers to cook a nice quiche, for example.

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