4 Tips For a Chic and Cheap Table Decoration

Chic and Cheap Table Decoration

We love pretty tables when guests come for a meal or a drink at home.  The decor (when we plan it seriously) is unfortunately often expensive.  We will give you some pointers on designing a chic table without spending all your savings on the decorations.

Stick to your choice of colors

2 colors, 3 max, and try to find harmony in your choices:

  • Turquoise & chocolate.
  • Black & White.
  • Lime green & purple.
  • Grey & Pink

Take some glasses; add at least 5 cm of sand, colored salt or beads, and place a candle light in each glass.  Good old candle-holders are great; it is easy to revamp them for cheap.

Decorative towels

Unfold some paper towels.  You can use it as a bribe in the plates.

Straws and wood-sticks are our friends

They can also be an ornament.  A cup with colored straws will make your table more beautiful!  You can also cut the straws 2/3cm and place them on the table.  Ikea has some ridiculously cheap and cool wooden ornaments that can be broken apart to make some great compositions.

The purpose of this design is to make a pretty table while spending the bare minimum. After all, the decor is still a matter of taste!  I simply loved the book from Karen Bussen:
Simple Stunning Parties at Home: Recipes, Ideas, and Inspirations for Creative Entertaining, It’s full of ideas and inspiration, as well as (thankfully) affordable set ups.  Just check it out!

Photo by  dinner series

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