Hello Summer! 5 Cool Farmer’s Market Baskets!

Jun 20, 2013
Veronica Brandy

It’s sunny, it’s summer! Embrace all the variety of produces available in this beginning season! Shopping at your grocery store or favorite farmer’s market with a plastic bag isn’t practical, nor very good looking… So why not investing into the real deal? I mean a good old woven farmer’s market basket! Natural, with stripes or colorful, these baskets make also excellent pieces of decoration for your kitchen, patio or entry way. These 5 durable large market baskets are a perfect shopping and gardening companion or a beautiful addition to your home display.

1. African Market Basket – $49.00
2. Jute Orange – $72.00
3. Provence Market Basket – $35.00
4. Beachcomber oval basket – $79.00
5. Vintage Farmer’s basket – $89.00

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