8 Tricks For Making Cooking on Vacation Easier

easy cooking on vacation

Vacations are necessarily synonymous of relaxation, calm, fresh air… However when we go with friends or family, there is always the risk of spending most of our precious time in the kitchen! So in order not to get headaches on the stove on vacation, here are some good tips for cooking efficiently without hassle and get more time for yourself — because you deserve it!

Think about grilling: emblematic summer dish, grilling is a fun and friendly activity that announces great vacation. It’s a friendly meal above all: we all meet on a terrace or in a garden near the grill. One can easily go back and forth between the grill and the table. Simply accompanied by a green salad, grilled food is excellent and not too heavy to digest. A meal we all like on vacation!

Tartars: meat, fish or vegetable, they have the advantage of not qualifying for any cooking, thus preparation is very quick. This type of dish is also very refreshing, as long as you choose fresh produce. Think about a good salmon tartare marinated in lemon. The recipe ideas are infinite: sea scallop tartare marinated with mango, salmon and ginger tartare, beef tartare, cod tartar…

Sweet or savory salads: salads are also easy to prepare because they require no cooking. Only washing and cutting ingredients may take a little time. The ideal is to gather all ingredients on  the center of a large table and proceed in serie. Depending on the volume you prepare, you can serve salads as starters, main course, side dish or dessert.

Cold soups: gazpacho is part of the most popular cold soups. A good tomato and pepper soup is very easy to make. Just bring a blender. Cucumber, mint, yellow bell pepper, celery… Just pout your imagination at work! Plus it’s very healthy!

Fruit skewers: If you go crazy for BBQ meat on skewers, think about doing the same with fruit, candies, cherry tomatoes, cheese … If everyone help you out, the task becomes very festive and starts a very enjoyable meal.

Smoothies: Easy to prepare and delicious, make fresh smoothies with seasonal fruits. This crowd pleaser is not only healthy but also very refreshing. Prepare it very quickly using a blender. Just throw your fruit or vegetable inside and use your imagination to compose your mix.

Drinks: Contrary to popular belief, preparing homemade drinks does not require much effort, just patience — so everything is well chilled before preparing. Iced tea, lemonade, mint water are easy to make… All these flavors remind of warm days, so let’s concoct these drinks just by our own! This will limit the intake of sugars and guarantees a good time with friends or family.

Ice pops: Just put your fresh drink preparation into ice-pop molds or yogurt pot, 2 hours into the freezer and you’ve got the ultimate refreshment for hot afternoons!

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