Decorative Kitchen Calendars for 2013


Perpetual Calendar for Home

1. Perpetual Calendar for Home $39.99 by

2013 Food Calendar

2. 2013 Food Calendar $25.00 by

Set of 3 Paris Calendars

3. Set of 3 Paris Calendars $30.00 by

calendrier -artwork

4. 2013 Bubble Calendar $24.00 by

Calendar Bookmarks SET

5. Dots 2013 Calendar Bookmarks SET $9.80 by

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2013 Food Calendar thumbnail
Set of 3 Paris Calendars thumbnail
calendrier -artwork thumbnail
Calendar Bookmarks SET thumbnail

Because the year 2013 will be eventful, you will probably need a good calendar to help you keep moving! Ideal to record your appointments, prepare your holidays and to not forget birthdays, it also decorates your kitchen interior!

Practical and decorative calendar for the year 2013 follow

Jan 1, 2013

N.Y. Editor
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