Zoom on French Wine: What is Calvados?

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Normandie specialty digestive, Calvados is an indispensable ingredient in the famous “Trou normand” (apple sorbet sprinkled with a little Calvados). Fits perfectly with the cheese, coffee or chocolate, it is bundled with Norman gastronomic culture. Calvados is also called “goute” in Norman slang. Distilled from apple cider, Calvados is a drink stronger than pommel … to drink with moderation.

Calvados history

It is said that in the year 1588, one of the ships of the Invincible Armada of Philip II of Spain, who wanted to invade England, was smashed on rocks off our french coasts. This boat was to be important, or by people carrying it, either for its war chest, was called “El Salvador”. The legend says that the people gave the place its name from the wreck they turned into “Calvados”.
In fact, the region was named from the contraction of latin locution “Calva-Dorsa” which means “bald coast”, from the cliffs between Arromanches and AsneleS.
Calvados is the name that took the department since its creation in 1790.

The birth of the cider brandy, which was not called Calvados, is very distant, the first formal written is dated from the XVIth century.
The Sire de Gouberville, a gentleman from the Cotentin, wrote in his diary, March 28, 1553 to be exact, the distillation of cider for a brandy to drink. It was at this time in 1600 that created the corporation of distillers of brandy and cider that gets his birth certificate.

1821 is the year of birth of the company that now produces the Calvados: Père Magloire. This brand has been synonymous with quality, and each year has established itself as the leading brand in France and many countries in Europe. In 1942, Calvados became AOC.


Aged 5 to 10 years, it lends itself to the ritual of Trou Norman. Older, he is an accomplice and tender round for the evening. As for 2 or 3 years young Calvados, it is highly appreciated as an aperitif, tonic lengthened or consumed on ice (but always with moderation).

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