What is a Fat Separator?

oxo fat separator picture

The fat separator is the ideal tool to cut up fat from your gravy or any homemade veal, beef or chicken stock. Using the principle of fluids refraction and decantation, this tool lets oil and fat come to the surface, being lighter than water. When the gravy is set, you just have to pour your sauce or stock from the bottom of the container, oil staying stuck at the surface.

Stock is often used as a base for many delicates sauces or soups, so you should always use the leanest stock possible because oil spills will make the sauces too greasy and unstable.

Some gravy fat separator have an integrated strainer which allows you to filter the liquid from aromatics and trims to give you a clear gravy or stock. So you just have to pour your gravy into the separator through the strainer and watch the fat rise to the top while lean gravy settles to the bottom. So here you are for healthier gravy sauce preparations!

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