5 Things to Try This Week End

We always love to see which weekend activities you’re trying, so don’t forget to share with us how it turned for you via our Facebook page. Happy Weekend!

how to host an ice cream party

If, like us, you are total suckers for ice cream, we have good things for you: Try the Ice Cream Crawl!!! A fun and fantastic idea to taste as many kinds of ice cream as possible in one afternoon. Learn more on Oh Happy Day with these 4 Best Tips For Hosting an Ice Cream Crawl. Happy weekend!

Affogato Amaretti recipe

For those who feel slightly sad with Autumn’s arrival, here’s a simple yet killer dessert to ease the transition of the season. Discover the recipe at Camille Styles... Yum!

Helpful Homework Tips for Parents

Do you struggle every weekday trying to get your kids to do their homeworks? Check these fabulous tips that will help to ease the homework pain. Via The Idea Room.

Prints Faux Gold Foil

Is there a positive quote that really makes you smile? Try this creative idea by Lia to hang on a wall and remind you to do just that everyday! Gold Foil Art tutorial by Lia Griffith.

friends food family cookbook

Fall entertaining season is coming! Friends Food Family by Sasha Wilkins will reveal you the best kept secrets for the modern hostess. Purchase on Amazon.

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Helpful Homework Tips for Parents thumbnail
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