Valentine Table : 5 Tips to Create The Perfect Romantic Look

valentine table decorations picture
Valentines Day is already approaching and if you’re like me — a “last moment” person — it is time to worry about our table decorations before it’s way too late!  And since we don’t want to mess up anything for this great occasion, let’s check out these 5 tips for stunning Valentine table decorations ideas.

1. Find a central theme by asking the right question

What does Valentines Day represent to you?  Is it elegance?  Romantism?  Tradition?  Magic? Glamor?  Generosity?  Once you have your answer, stick to your theme and don’t let it go. Think of what you have shared with your partner over the years — or months, or weeks! — what experiences you want to remember together.. It can be a travel you did few years ago, or the way you met first time, pretty anything can be a good starter for you to imagine a romantic dinner concept.

2. Make a wise choice of colors for your Valentines day table decorations

Valentines Day is definitely not a Christmas carnival, so limit yourself to only 3 colors, always in relation to the theme. For example, red, white, and gold are well suited for a traditional romantic theme. White, light rose, and silver can symbolize elegance and poetry. Deep red, white and silver grey symbolize passion.  Just create a mood-board with colors that you are interested in, then narrow your choices by matching the best colors together according to your theme. Go and check on Pinterest to get some great inspirations and color schemes.

3. Opt for quality crockery

Think about using plate chargers to enhance your plates stacking. With pretty white plates and beautiful glasses, your romantic table will be almost upright for a timeless look. Nice flatware will add shininess to your composition; it’s not necessary to break the bank for that. Just make sure you have enough items for both of you.

4. Always use a neutral color

This completes point number 2.  Stop using too fancy colorful or patterns tablecloths. Use a neutral base instead: White, beige, cream, etc.  It’s more discreet and won’t invade your dining room. But don’t hesitate to create inspiring contrasts by using individual place mats. If you’re looking for a passionate dinner, dare a plain deep red tablecloth.

5. Work on the details

The beauty of your Valentine table setting doesn’t depend on the quantity and size of the decorative objects that are installed. Instead, your lover may be lost in an overloaded decoration: A vase too big will reduce visibility, and accessories everywhere will make it difficult for him/her to find some space left to feel at ease when eating… Or look at you into the eyes.

Clear up the table and let your inspiration flow: small beads, sequins thrown on the ground, small mirrors as glass coasters, rose petals. Do not hesitate to use candles, these classics always work.  These simple elements will add to the composition of your Valentine table and put the one you love in a good mood for the dinner. Look for some napkin folding tutorials on Youtube to finalize your place setting.

What are your good tips for decorating a beautiful Valentines dinner table?

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