Pantry Checking: How to Pair Oils With Foods

types of cooking oilsWe are now right in the middle of spring and summer will be here soon, crunchy salads and summer vegetable will soon invade our tables. Maybe is already the case for you? A thin drizzle of olive oil on sliced tomatoes and mozzarella and you’re in Heaven! Fats are essential for a balanced diet —provided of course that we consume the right amount. Oil is a quality product that can fit at all stages of our cuisine: appetizers, entrees and desserts. What type of oil should we use to brighten which dish? Let’s review together the various oils available on the market.

Truffle oil

This oil is seen as a prestigious product. It is generally used for the preparation of fine cuisine. Truffe oil has a very strong taste, so small amounts are sufficient to enhance the taste and fragrance of the food. It goes perfectly with mashed potatoes or vegetable purees, for instance. So add a thin drizzle of truffle oil on your next mashed potatoes and enjoy this divine dish.

Hazelnut oil or walnut oil

These oils are very fragrant with their exquisite nutty flavor. They are perfect for flavoring your salad. Combined them with a little vinegar. If you want to use hazelnut or walnut oil to make vinaigrette, mix them with another neutral oil to avoid an overdose!

Olive oil

Olive oil is definitely the “rockstar of the cooking oils” after sunflower. Its Mediterranean fragrance is so seductive. Use it for cooking instead of butter, it will taste wonderfully with cooked vegetable. You can also season your salads with olive oil, make balsamic vinaigrette, or link a mustard based dressing.

Rapeseed oil

Ideal for mayonnaise! The rapeseed oil emulsifies very well when it is beaten. It has a neutral taste, making it ideal for your homemade mayonnaise. Rapeseed oil is well known for omega 3 it contains.

Coconut oil

It’s certainly one of our best ally in the fight against cholesterol, since coconut oil is very rich in essential fatty acids! Coconut oil keeps the characteristic smell of coconut. It is widely used in the food industry for the manufacture of chocolate, ice cream or margarine. At home you can use it to flavor savory dishes or desserts to get an exotic touch.

Grapeseed oil

The grapes are rich in vitamin E which is good for our skin. For those who don’t like fruit, here’s a great alternative oil: grapeseed. It is generally used for seasoning your salads.

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