15 Drawer Ideas to Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, what really makes a kitchen great is how you organize it, not how much you spend on your cabinets’ finishes. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to arrange your kitchenware and utensils by frequency of use, with everyday dishes on an easy-to-reach lower shelf and special occasion pieces up above. That’s why kitchen drawers are so important. With these 15 inspirations, you’ll see that there are many ways to organize your drawers and lower cabinets for maximizing day-to day-tasks in the kitchen.

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It’s true that refrigerated drawers are not so cheap, but what a great idea! You can store your fresh ingredients in an accessible place without cluttering your regular refrigerator.

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Just get rid of the packagings that doesn’t protect your edible goods and clutter your cabinets. What’s worse than a leakage in a flour pack? So opt for air-tight boxes  to store all your grains, pasta, rices and homemade snacks.

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This drawer integrates an expandable cutting board.

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Stop storing your small appliances on higher shelves, just make them available at reasonable height. You can segment your drawers and use rubber bands to keep the electric wires in place.

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Keeping your plates under the countertop is always a great thing. You don’t have to climb on a stool each time you want to grab one.

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Don’t have a wine cellar? No problem, just set few drawer dividers to keep your bottles safe.

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Open shelves are great to add a personal touch to a kitchen decor. Make sure there is a reasonable step to prevent kicking in the plates!

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 You can use these filling spaces in the kitchen layout to arrange a custom drawer and store thing in a practical way. Just like this kitchen knives set.

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