The Essentials Ingredients You Must Always Have in your Kitchen

Learn to cook, is mostly learn to shop! To always receive guests without warning or improvise a cake without having to quit home, check out our list of basic ingredients to always have in your kitchen.

Spices corner

Prefer full spices that are not ground because they keep their flavour longer.

To always have on hand:

– Curry (yellow or red, depending on your taste)
– Cinnamon sticks, for apple compote and tagines,
– Nutmeg, essential with mashed potatoes,
– Cumin seeds, perfect with all the vegetables,
– Paprika or chili Pepper, to heat all the dishes,
– Dried herbs, always helpful on the grill.

Salty food hall

Long grain rice
Accompaniment, salad

Round grain rice
For the risotto, the rice pudding

At least one long-range ( spaghetti , tagliatelle ), a short (fusilli, penne …), and lasagna sheets. Accompaniment, salad, main dish.

Wheat flour
For cakes, pancakes, white sauce…

Canned vegetables and legumes
Corn, green beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils for your accompaniment, salad, hummus…

Canned fish
Tuna, sardines, mackerel: perfect for your rillettes, salads or pie.

Tomato sauce jar
In sauce for pasta, to make a meat sauce…

Chicken, poultry, vegetable stock
Poultry, beef or vegetables according to your taste, choose less salty possible and preferably degreased.

Tapenade and pesto in a jar
For sauces or as an aperitif.

Smoothies, sauces, milk shakes.

Chantilly, sauces, panna cotta…

Coconut milk
For curries and give a little exotic side to any dish in place of cream.

Olive oil
To cook and season.

Neutral taste oil (peanut, sunflower)
To cook, season and place in some melted butter cakes

Balsamic vinegar
In salad dressings, seasoning for vegetables, with parmesan and slices of country bread.

Sweet Corner

Powdered sugar
For cakes, pancakes … Simply go to the mix for the sugar.

For infusions, madeleines, and give a little flavor to cakes.

Baking powder
To remove the cakes. Attention to its expiration date, making it ineffective.

Chocolate mechanic will
A 70% cocoa minimum. For mousses, creams, cakes…

Cocoa powder
For chocolate cake and sprinkle the tiramisu, hot chocolate for Sunday

Slivered almonds
To decorate, add to fruit. It can easily grind to make financial or frangipane cream.

Dried fruits
Apricots, prunes, dates, raisins, to slip in cookies, cakes …

A mix with Chantilly and meringue to improvise a jar to fill cakes ….

Vanilla extract liquid
To flavor clafoutis , creams …

Now that you have everything you need, you have no excuse not to improvise in the kitchen!

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