Step by Step: How to Cut Leeks

Leek is a vegetable that is used a lot in many classics of worldwide cuisine. Generally, you’ll see that the smaller the leek, the more tender they are; but bigger specimens are wonderful too. Avoid leeks that are only green, slimy, or dried out. Now, let’s see how to prepare and cut a leek for cooking:

First make sure you have a chef knife and a good sturdy cutting board, plastic or wood.

  • 1. Cut both ends. Don’t keep too much greens, they are harder and difficult to cook. A good measure is to keep 1/3 for the green and 2/3 for the white.
  • 2. Rince thoroughly in cold water. If your leeks are a bit muddy or full of sand, split the vegetable lengthwise before rinsing.
  • 3. You can mince leeks being careful with your finger.
  • 4. Or you can julienne the leek by cutting it i 3 sections, then mince the vegetable lengthwise.
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