5 Surprising Ways Use Yogurt

how-to-cook-with-YogurtPanic on board, there is only one yogurt left in your fridge, and no time time to make homemade yogurts! Before you go out for shopping emergency, take some time to review these quick suggestions! Yogurt are not meant to be eaten alone, you can create infinite recipes around this versatile ingredient, from quick dips to easy desserts kids will love. Follow these suggestions to widen your range of possibilities!

 1. A yogurt cake: It’s a tasty basic, with infinite variations! The pot of yoghurt is your measuring scale for oil, sugar and flour (or cornstarch). Add the baking powder and everything you want: chocolate, lemon, fruit, nuts… Half an hour into the oven at 360°F (180°C) and voila! A true fragrance from childhood… Nostalgia…

2. A frozen yogurt: both low in calories and very greedy,homemade frozen yogurt comes in thousand of flavors: Just freeze your yogurt for a few hours, then take it out 30 minutes before preparation to add a handful of fruit — berries for instance — , a little honey and using a food processor, mix everything. A delight!

3. A lightweight dip: Yogurt can be the basis for many low-fat sauces. Add fresh aromatic herbs, spices of your choice, vinegar or mustard and you get a delicious base for dipping crunchy raw vegetables like carrot or cauliflower. Ideal as an appetizer.

4. A vitamins milkshake: Get your food processor or blender ready, mix yogurt, fruit of your choice and you’re set! You get a delicious milkshake  in less than 2 minutes, to enjoy at any time of the day… Lighter than a drink made of ice cream and sugar and easier to digest than milky options.

5. A lighter quiche: Yogurt is your best ally to make homemade quiches lighter without losing taste. Several choices are available: replace one egg with a yogurt — it will help to tie everything together — or reduce the amount of cream.

(Photo by dlothebigasian)

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