How to Select, Preserve and Cook Pork Meat

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As fresh meat or charcuterie, pork is a very popular product! But do you know how to choose pork meat? What are the rules to preserve it the best way? Do you know the various cooking methods for pork meat? Check out our tips for choosing and cooking pork at its best.

How to choose pork meat

The quality meat is recognized by its pale pink flesh, and with a firm enough texture, fine and elastic without excess moisture.
You will also rely on a very white fat and what is known as “marbled” meat, dotted with fine fatty infiltration. This quality meat will hold better when cooked.

Refrigerated storage

In general, the pork keeps well in the coldest part of your fridge, between 0 and 4 ° C in its wrapper, in foil or in plastic wrap. You can also store raw meat in a marinade or brush it with olive oil. In any case, it should be consumed within three days after purchase.

Freezer storage

You can definitely freeze pork, to always have some available (- 18 ° C).
By cons, some parts such as filet mignon, purchased fresh, doesn’t keep in the freezer too long, three to four weeks maximum. Ask your butcher.
In general, it is important to avoid breaking the cold chain: meet the consumption deadlines and finally follow the basic rules of hygiene.

Pork meat cooking

Often we tend to overcook pork. This maybe because of parasites which infected pork meat times ago. The result: dry, tasteless and bland meat. By cooking at a moderate temperature, obtaining a little pinky flesh in the middle of the slice, you will get a tender, juicy and tasty pork meat.

Cooking methods

Simmer / Boil: Dip the meat in a fully liquid and cook extensively with small tremors.

Braising: Brown the meat, then cook it in a little liquid, very gently and very long for it becomes tender and tasty.

Grilling: Sear the meat at high temperatures on a grill. You can baste the pieces with fat and water them often so they keep all their softness. They can also marinate.

Fry: Sear the meat, then cook it at high temperature in the fat. After putting the pieces of meat in a hot pan, let them brown on each side with little fat to move them to caramelize the juices. Be careful with salt to avoid losing the juice that brings softness.

Roast: Cook meat in the oven with little or no fat. For both roasted golden, crispy and juicy at the heart, start by browning it from all sides over high heat in a pot at the beginning of cooking.

Photo by Mat Packer

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