DIY Inspiration: 10 Amazing Pom-Pom Projects

Have ever though of using pom pom to decorate your dining table? They are little round bits of color that make any DIY projects fun, perky and good looking. They will make your guests happy on the most basic level. And yet! The adult part of me finds them highly sophisticated as well. Here’s 10 inspirations — more or les related to food and dining — to let your creative thinking kick in and imagine new ways of using pom pom for your dinner party decors.

1st row:
 Yarn ball bookmarks
2. Cedar Pom Pom Topiary
3. Pom Pom Dish Towel
4. Handpainted Pompom Wrapping Paper
5. Set of 2 knit egg warmers

2nd row:
6. Pom pom pendants decorative accessories
7. Tea Pot and Pom Pom Cosy Set (chevron)
8. Pink wool pom pom flowers with mustard stems
9. Spree of the moment
10. Martha Stewart – Pom Pom Flower Box Kit

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