The Kitchen Essentials When Moving In

best kitchen utensils - kitchen supplies kitchen tools

This is the day of the big move, and this is the first time that you will set up a kitchen just for you — or your partner! You probably already have some useful kitchen utensils, but maybe you’ll need to invest a bit in kitchen supplies so that this essential space becomes quickly operational… Here are a few kitchen tools shopping tips to keep you on tracks to help you remember everything when you settle in your new kitchen!


A set of pots, pans and oven dishes are invaluable if you want to cook and simmer for a few good meals. And even if you are not a experienced cook, pots will be very useful for cooking pasta while remaining rice is still waiting in the fridge… Some storage boxes — microwave or freezer proof — will also help you store your dishes that are already cooked.

 kitchen tools - kitchen utensils - kitchen supplies

Tableware and basic utensils

It’s time to treat yourself and choose plates, glasses, bowls, cups and cutlery for every day meals and parties. So bet on decorative items that beautifully embellish your kitchen. Utensils of all kinds will find their place in your home as long as you match them well. Don’t forget salad bowls, salad spinner, whisk, ladle, serving spoons, colander, strainer, spatulas, corkscrew, grater… Some of these can be very stylish and colorful. It’s up to you to pick up items according to what style you want to create in the kitchen. Don’t forget a good set of kitchen knives and a cutting board because it will save you time when you prepare your meals.

A minimum of appliances

Plan to spread your costs as you equip your kitchen with new appliances. They can be quite expensive so for a better return on investment, just buy a refrigerator, stove (+oven) and a dishwasher if your space allows it. Microwaves oven are also interesting as they don’t cost a lot nowadays. Apart from these large investments, think about your small electrical appliances for breakfast: coffee maker, kettle and toaster. Again, you can treat yourself with items to look trendier!

Don’t forget table linens!

Cloths, towels, potholders will help you a lot when cooking. Match them with the colors of your kitchen, for a successful decorative atmosphere! It’s nice to have a pair of each with different matching colors so you can change your decoration when you want to.

Here’s a quick selection of nice utensils and appliances to help you settle you new kitchen and bring colors to your decoration:

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