The 4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Kitchen

Source: www.evaa.co

Buying a kitchen is often a big investment, so there’s no point of embarking on this project without having a carefully thought budget and a defined request that is tailored to your needs and space… That would be a big mistake not to think about it… So ask yourself the key issues in terms of needs, space and development.

Don’t start your project without having set a budget

Your budget will help you in the first place to choose what kind of contractor you can afford and the preferred options for the purchase of your new kitchen. A kitchen kit ready to install by yourself doesn’t cost the same as a kitchen designed and installed by a kitchen designer. When you opt for higher personalized services, you must remain vigilant to stay consistent with your budget.

Don’t limit to a single quote

If you want a kitchen that perfectly fits in your room and your needs, you will probably call a specialist to design your kitchen. Whether it’s well known brand or an independent designer, don’t hesitate to compare their offerings, their benefits and to establish more detailed specifications in order to choose the contractor that seems most suitable to your style, your needs and your wallet!

Do not prefer aesthetics to functionality

We can easily be dazzled by the aesthetics of some beautiful kitchens. We can find them incredibly trendy and imagine the chic touch they could bring to our home. But we often forget that they can be totally unsuited to our space and specific needs… This is why you should consider your kitchen in terms of needs, and space planning before anything else.

To do this, ask yourself these key questions: How big and what shape your future kitchen space is? And what role will does it take in your every day life? Will it be a friendly space to talk and have dinner or a just functional room for cooking? How many people will have their meals in here? Do you spend a lot of time cooking? The answers to all these questions will help you better think your kitchen and make it functional for you and your family. Then comes the time to make aesthetic choices that will be consistent with future development.

Don’t be surprised by the final quote

Don’t be surprised because the final quote can be quite high! It not only depends of the small and large appliances you choose, but the choice of materials will heavily affect the quote (solid wood, glass…) as well as custom finishes (lacquered effect, patinated…). The interior furnishings will also make the invoice bigger as soon as you opt for non standardized items: custom drawers, sliding doors, corner cabinets have a cost that you will need to discuss in detail to avoid unpleasant surprises!

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