6 Easy Tips for Winning Food Presentations


Have you ever wondered how to achieve these stunning food presentations like in fine restaurants? A good food presentation is always a guarantee to create appeal and curiosity about your dishes. We eat with the eyes first! However, when we cook every day, it’s often just before serving that we start thinking about the dish presentation, but  it’s already too late! Anyway don’t worry, there are simple rules and tricks to adopt in order to dazzle your guests with wonderful compositions.

It’s always better to care about the presentation when cooking at the same time. Profesional chefs spend hours refining their menus and dishes so they totally integrate the styling process into the cooking in itself, and this from scratch.

Here are some tips to start:

1. Make regular cuts when preparing your ingredients

 For instance, if you make a fruit salad, remember to cut the fruit all the same size, it will be prettier. Same goes for vegetables, try to make regular cuts on your zucchini, carrots or cucumber. It’s way better for the presentation and guarantees an even cooking.

2. Use your containers at their full potential

Serve fruit salad in a pretty bowl or in small individual containers, placed on a tray. It wont take more time, but it is immediately more attractive. That’s what serveware is made for so stack plates on chargers, use combinations of small plates and ramekins…

3. Use small individual containers to highlight your dishes

When making pies or gratins, instead of your usual gratin dish, do not hesitate to use smaller containers like ramekins or mini casseroles. This is immediately more attractive on the table. For instance, a cherry clafoutis is very presentable in a ramekin, same goes for the creme brulee.

4. Use professional food styling tools

To go further, buy metal rings, shaped molds, metallic spatulas. They are very convenient to draw such a puree base, a ratatouille crumble or to mount a tartare, just like in restaurants.

5. Fresh herbs all the time !

Think about fresh herbs that will liven up your meals while bringing flavor.

6. Visualize the final result

When you prepare a cake or anything that goes into the oven, always visualize the final result. For instance, if you prepare a salmon quiche, keep some salmon pieces that you add on top before baking, it will be prettier at the end.

Do you have any favorite ways to create a beautiful plate presentation?


If yo want want more tips about profesional food styling, just  check these links:

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