Macaroons are coming back into fashion in a big way. These delicacies are a perfect mix of virtuosity and sweetness within a small cookie. Some famous pastry makers made macaroons real pieces of art. This is why macaroons are perfect for introducing a nice tea party or finishing a great dinner. Discover our easy macaroon recipes and surprise your family or guests!

Discover our Macaroon Recipes:


chocolate macaroon recipe - french chocolate macaroons cookies recipe -  easy chocolate macaron recipes -  chocolate macaroon cookie recipe Chocolate Macaroon Recipe with Truffles: a sweet and fondant chocolate macaroon recipe. As luxury as tasty, this recipe will enlighten your christmas parties.  To delight your guests, these chocolate macaroons can be served with a few festive drinks or coffee.


Lime macaroon recipes - lime macaroon cookie recipes - Almond Macaroon Recipes - easy almond  macaron recipes - almond macaroon cookie recipe - french almond  macaroons recipes

Lime Macaroon Recipe: this macaroon recipe is for fans of citrus and pastry. The lime gives a slight acidity which masks the sugar present into the macaroons.



Macaroons Recipes - Foie Gras Macaroons Recipes - french macaroon recipe - ingredients french macaroon - easy macaroon recipeFoie Gras Macaroon Recipe with Almonds: both delicious as appetizer or dessert an elegant foie gras macaroon recipe to accompany your Christmas preparations.


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