Saving Space: 8 Kitchen Wall Storage Ideas

In the realm of kitchen organization, wall storage is the perfect fit between closed kitchen cabinets and horizontal storage spaces like drawers and countertop. There is more than one way to fill tor backsplash area with smart kitchen storage accessories. Depending on the size of your kitchen or the design of your cabinetry, there are various products that might be helpful to de-clutter your precious space. Here’s a selection of wall storage systems we think helpful in any type of kitchen:

kitchen wall storage photo

Grundtal Kitchen Shelf Rack Set Stainless Steel, by Ikea — $54.99 via Amazon
This is a classic nowadays. If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient way to store your daily use utensils, the Grundtal system works well in small kitchens. You can add separate components to better suit your needs.

kitchen keeping sacks image

Vegetable Keep Sacks by Orka — $8.72 to $11.99 via Amazon
Store your potatoes, turnips, onions or garlic cloves in functional sacks coming in various sizes and colors to add a splash of color in your kitchen.

cocoon kitchen wall storage

Cocoon — by Salomonsen Design
Cocoon is a storage unit for fruits and vegetables for a modern kitchen.  In this organic shape you can grow spices and store fruits, which will give both life and color in your favorite room. Cocoon is made of clay that absorbs water from the cultivation. When it evaporates the storage is cooled down. Smart, isn’t it?

knife rack wood image

Knife rack by Geofrey Lilge — $75 CAD via Wood Design
The wall mounted knife rack is made from solid walnut. With a clean and minimal aesthetic it is available in two sizes and finished with a natural oil/beeswax mixture.



spices wall storage kitchen image

1 Line Spice Rack Desu Design — $222.59 via Amazon
Here’s a solid and stylish addition for a modern minimalistic kitchen. We like how the bottle case fits between the spice jars!

hand forged pot rack image

French Oak Wine Stave Pot Rack with Adjustable Hand-Forged Iron Hooks — $89.00 via Etsy
If you’re looking for a rustic touch in your kitchen, this oak board and its forged iron hooks is for you. In fact this pot rack is made out of a wine stave from French Oak wine barrels in the Napa Valley. That’s a nice to reuse old materials for sure!

magnetic  knife bar image

MIU France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar — $27.99 via Amazon
This stylish magnetic knife bar will keep your knives set in order. No more harmful cutting blades in the drawers: safer for children and handy for the avid chopper!

wall spice rack

Zevro Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack with 12 Canisters — $37.17 via Amazon
If you don’t know where to store your spice jars and aromatic herbs, this rack is made for you; We love teh individual tins and the mounting system, both useful and stylish.

wall mounted storage solution image

Unit 2 by Kalon Studio — $220 via Wood Design
Unit 2 is designed with the kitchen in mind – with two storage spaces on top and front and a slot for knives.

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