Kitchen Organizing: How to Choose Your Kitchen Wall Accessories

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What is really important in a kitchen? I bet you’ve said, “It’s the organization!” Yes organization, and therefore storage.  Choosing wall accessories for a kitchen is not only a simple aesthetic concern, but rather a matter of functionality.  Here are three useful tips that can help you make better decisions during your next kitchen shopping session.

Everything should be at hand

Having everything you need next to you is precisely the main idea when choosing wall rack systems for your kitchen.  Backsplash, shelves, and other tablets are excellent supports to optimize the storage capacity of your kitchen, while playing on the decor.

For the backsplash, we can, for example, choose a modular credenza: equipped with rails or magnetic stripes, you can stick aluminum objects like ladles or knives on them.  The backsplash can also receive suspended spice racks, a towel-holder, etc.

Choose wall accessories according to these 3 patterns

Before choosing a kitchen wall rack, it is advisable to first consider your cooking habits.

  • What tasks do you do every day?
  • What are your most useful utensils?
  • What cooking tools do you use most often?

If you are not a fan of soups and stews, there’s no need to have rails and hooks to hang ladles, pots, and lids! But you can keep the essential accessories, including the paper towel dispenser, and other food grade wrapping plastic.

Rail systems or shelves?

Optimizing storage and eliminating the need to look around for the utensil or spice you require, while adding a decorative touch to the kitchen, are the main functions of wall accessories.

The modular rails are the ideal solution for everyone, but people who do not have sufficient wall space available can also opt for shelves to put the bowls, glasses and jars.

Proper wall accessories can add a lot of character to your kitchen

Photo credit: Kingston Design Remodeling Fairfax Station, VA, US 22039

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