15 Smart Items to Organize Your Kitchen Simply & Aesthetically

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You don’t need to have a master degree in housekeeping to have a properly organized kitchen. There are simple habits everyone can adopt to stay on top of clutter and keep even the most cluttered space in order.

Using various kind of containers is an efficient way to categorize utensils and to set up a certain degree of organization to all the areas of your kitchen.

Containers are a great help for kitchen organization because they allows you to group your utensils, appliance and other stuff and help fight the chaotic mess that always happens behind closed cabinet doors and kitchen drawers. By concentrating your items into one place, they make clean-up much easier because container can be removed quickly thus allowing faster cleaning. Also, make use of a proper labeling system, to avoid your cooking ingredients and kitchen tools from getting thrown anywhere and lost.

Are you ready to get started? Just consider the most cluttered area of your kitchen and see if some sorting and categorizing doesn’t bring some insight to better optimize your storage place. Have fun!

Packet Basket

Pantry Works Sugar/Sweetener Packet Basket — $6.97

kitchen Container Ideas

Juuri Storage Jar Smoke — $39.95

Container Ideas for Your Kitchen

French Bull Melamine Storage Container — $31.50


Stainless Steel Medium Clip Canister — $7.95


Now Designs Tins, Bits and Bobs, Set of 2 — $23.99

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Container Ideas for Your Kitchen thumbnail
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tins thumbnail

1. Pantry Works Sugar/Sweetener Packet Basket — $6.97
2. Juuri Storage Jar Smoke — $39.95
3. French Bull Melamine Storage Container — $31.50
4. Stainless Steel Medium Clip Canister — $7.95
5. Now Designs Tins, Bits and Bobs, Set of 2 — $23.99

Coffee Storage Drawer

Coffee Storage Drawer — $19.99

scrap trap bin

Kitchen Art Scrap Trap —$15.26

Drawer Utensil Organizer

Drawer Utensil Organizer — $12.43

Cabinet Door Lid Rack Organizer

Cabinet Door Lid Rack Organizer _ $9.97

can rack organizer

Can rack organizer - $31.95

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Drawer Utensil Organizer thumbnail
Cabinet Door Lid Rack Organizer thumbnail
can rack organizer thumbnail

1. Coffee Storage Drawer — $19.99
2. Kitchen Art Scrap Trap —$15.26
3. Drawer Utensil Organizer — $12.43
4. Cabinet Door Lid Rack Organizer _ $9.97
5. Can rack organizer – $31.95

plastic grocery bags

InterDesign Axis Over the Cabinet Bag Holder - $16.99

Vegetable Keep Sacks

Orka by Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks — $7.20 via amazon. com


Stackable Fruit crates — $119.00

Bottle Bamboo Wine-Rack

Bottle Bamboo Wine-Rack. — $22.93

Storage Caddy

Storage Caddy — $9.36

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Vegetable Keep Sacks thumbnail
Bottle Bamboo Wine-Rack thumbnail
Storage Caddy thumbnail

1. InterDesign Axis Over the Cabinet Bag Holder – $16.99
2. Orka by Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks — $7.20 via amazon. com
4. Bottle Bamboo Wine-Rack. — $22.93
5. Storage Caddy — $9.36

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