20 Art Inspirations for Your Kitchen Walls

In recent years the kitchen is no longer thought of as a purely functional space, thanks to inspired designers and adventurous clients. As a new social place, it has rather turned into a virtual extension of the living room and it’s naturally that we turn it into something both functional and beautiful at once! From oversized prints to photo frames and artworks, kitchen art is totally a thing and we are 100% for it. Here are a few inspiring examples that have caught our eye recently!

diy kitchen wall art

DIY your way with recycled wine corks for a colorful artwork. Via Project Row House.

kitchen artwork ideas

The ballerinas pictured on this classic artwork presentation draw the spectator’s eye to the kitchen—maybe because it’s where “all the magic happens”? Heather Garrett Design.

green kitchen wall art

This painting matches the colors of the wall, and the backsplash tiling for a quirky mix and match look. Christine Nelson Design, Minneapolis.

chalkboard breakfast nook

Let the kids do the work for you: Just paint a cove wall with chalkboard paint to enhance a cozy breakfast nook. Eric Roth Photography.

chalkboard kitchen wall

This kitchens makes a bold statement with everything in black and a chalkboard wall one the side! Style by Stephane Chamard, Photo by Lisa Petrole Photography.

kitchen art gallery

Display your own art as a small wall gallery. Ideal for sparkling conversations. By Rethink Design Studio.

kitchen artwork prints

A classic bistro poster with an oversized framing totally sets the mood in this playful kitchen by Patricia Knox Designs, New York.

kitchen gallery wall

Create mini shelvings to display your extensive collection of art toys. Design Lindsay von Hagel, photo by Brian + Misty.

kitchen gallery art

This neatly arranged photo gallery adds depth to the “coffee station”. Photo: Sarah Greenman.

kitchen inspired wall art

This contextual artwork adds a friendly vibrancy to the kitchen and matches the finish of the cabinets. WL Interiors, New York.

kitchen neon art

What better to display a thoughtful message than using a bright neon light? Stiff and Trevillion, London.

large photography kitchen wall

An oversized photography adds caracter and a sense of scale to any space, so why not the kitchen? Maxwell & Company Architects, London

Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

Artworks can also be tri-dimensional. This colorful composition really stands up from the white wall and surrounding neutrals. Rad Design Inc, Totonto.

kitchen wall art quotes

Inspirational quotes are always good guests in a home full of life and laughters. Kress Jack At Home, San Francisco.

kitchen wall art to diy

Use vintage or recycled goods to display naturalist drawings and sketches for a romantic look. Via Shannon Malone.

kitchen wall craft

These paper flowers pinned on the wall create a strong focus point and anchor for the dining nook. Photo by Angela Flournoy, Dallas.

Putting prints in the kitchen

Detailed map art is and incitation to travel and a good way for kids to learn geography while sipping on their hot chocolate! Ana Williamson Architect, San Francisco.

magnet kitchen wall art

Use a stainless steel backsplash as a wall covering to display your collection of magnets. Laura Bohn Design Associates, Seattle.

tic tac toe kitchen art

Despite it totally blends into this sober lofty interior, there is something really crazy about this giant tic-tac-toe. Collaborative Designworks, Houston. Photo by Ben Hill.

woodcut kitchen artwork

This raw woodcut lettering adds some sparkle to an inviting breakfast nook with mid-century influences. Note the complementary color scheme it forms with the blue and aqua seatings. General Assembly, New York. Photo by Joe Fletcher.

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