Help! When is the Appropriate Time to Serve Red Wine at Dinner?

how to serve wine at a dinnerQuestion: “I am cooking for my in-laws for the first time and I know they are wine enthusiasts. While my menu is not set yet, I’m a bit confused about what wines to serve and in which order, especially for red wine. I think I will end the dinner with Champagne for dessert, but a friend told me it’s also okay to serve it with appetizers and main course too. And I don’t want to restrict myself only on Champagne… So when is the appropriate time to be served red wine at dinner? Can you help me?”
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Editor: I think while your menu is not definitely set, the best answer would be to lay down few rules to remember. If you choose to open more than one wine bottle during a meal, here are some basic principles relating to the service order:

  • Serve wine in ascending order of strength and quality.
  • Serve white and rosé wines before red.
  • Serve lighter wines before full-bodied wines.
  • Serve young wines before older wines.
  • Serve dry wines before sweet wines.
  • Serve chilled wine before chambered wines (between 18 ° C and 20 ° C).

The exceptions:

  • Natural sweet wines can be served as appetizers with foie gras before a dry wine.
  • Natural sweet wines and Champagnes can be served for dessert after a red wine.
  • The lighter and fruity red wines can be served before a great white wine.
  • A Champagne brut can be served as an aperitif, during the meal and during dessert.

Read on this article for more detailed informations: The Right Way to Serve Wine for a Dinner

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