Help Me with French Toasts Please!

How to Make Perfect French ToastQuestion: “I have some trouble making French toasts. Globally I get the concept, but I have issues when making more than one slice of bread. I can make about 3 toasts with 1 egg, the first slice soaks up over half the egg at once, the second one gets some, and the third one get it very light, almost dry. So how do you keep the egg for a more evenly distribution through the bread? Ho can I have the third slice as imbibed as the first one? I tried to “dip it quickly” but then, the crust rips off… I love french toast even more than waffles or pancakes, but I totally hate the process of making them. Please, are there any tips?”
Sent by Kyle

Editor:  The “secret” for making good French toast requests more time than you may want to spend! Put all your bread slices into a large shallow dish and pour your egg and milk mixture evenly over the bread. Wait for about 30 seconds then turn it over carefully with a spatula. The secret is to refrigerate it overnight, or at least for several hours. Also check your quantities because 1 egg isn’t enough for 3 slices of bread. You’d better use 2 eggs mixed with about 1/4 cup of milk instead. Adding a teaspoon of vanilla sugar doesn’t hurt. Then you’ll get great French toasts ready to cook in the morning!

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