How to Furnish a Small Kitchen? (Small Kitchen Designs Ideas)

Simmer small dishes, try out new recipes, acquire new equipment and utensils, prepare romantic dinner or invite your friends: kitchen evokes delicious time… provided you do not feel at the cramped! Indeed, all the little pleasures associated with taste buds fade when lack of space. To counter this feeling, here are various ideas to effectively furish a small kitchen.

Modern Kitchen modern kitchen

Modern kitchen design by los angeles kitchen and bath Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker

Mix cabinetry with open shelves

Closed traditionnal cabinetry can visually take a lot of space in a small room. So using open shelves is a good alternative as it will leave le wall visible and create and nice contrast if you use some color on the wall, or a raw wood for the shelving.

Pool House contemporary kitchen

Use “mirror effects” credenza

If the room is too small, we’ll need to make it appear larger. This can be done by creating an emphasis on the horizontal lines: the credenza is the perfect item for this purpose. Set a colored stained glass or a stainless steel credenza to create a mirror effect. This will reflect the surroundind space and add some deepness. This will also reflect the light from the window, which is always a good thing.

Miller Kitchen contemporary kitchen

Use kitchen islands

If there is no space available for a larger countertop, don’t give up and install a kitchen island on wheels. This will add more storage space and support your daily tasks.


Mill Valley contemporary kitchen

Clever use of furniture bases

Chairs and stools can take a lot of space around the table if we eat regularly in the kitchen. Choose a table with a central stand so you will easily place your stools and chairs. If you eat on a custom bar, make sure you have some space to make the seats disappear under the countertop. But you can also think about  benches! If they do not fall, they can also hide storage boxes. Stackable chairs and stools are good otpions too!

Chez Larsson- kitchen eclectic kitchen

High storage space to free up the floor

Do not underestimate the potential of walls! By installing wall cabinets or shelves, it allows to gain square meters and storage space. In this small kitchen, wall shelving accommodates a large number of utensils,cookbooks and even a few decorative accessories. Take advantage of the walls!

Bay Area European Style Kitchen Cabinets modern kitchen

Highly customized cabinets

If you get a good carpenter or kitchen designer, find some ways to maximize the available storage space!

Chefs Kitchen eclectic kitchen

Steel bars for hanging kitchen utensils

A simple wall steel bar can change your life in the kitchen. Again, the walls serve us! The bars suspends all the everyday utensils but also larger vessels such as pots and pans.

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