9 Creative Ways For Decorating Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

decorating on top of kitchen cabinet picture

Most of the time the area just above the kitchen cabinets and under the ceiling might be let open. This offers a shelf-like space that you can use or close in by a soffit. Decorating that space above the kitchen cabinets is the perfect way to add personality to your kitchen.

Let me share techniques you can use to decorate on top of kitchen cabinets and give your kitchen more visual appeal:

decorating over kitchen cabinets image This plates rack above the sink displays a nice collection of colorful plates while storing them safely in the same time. It definitely adds an good element of interest and uniqueness.

how to decorate on top of kitchen cabinets pictures Even though this display area isn’t above kitchen cabinets themselves, this is a wonderful example of how an ironstone or creamware collection would look displayed there. The addition of the turkeys ornaments creates a nice contrast with the white porcelain. They could have been chickens, but since Thanksgiving is less than one week away, let’s call ’em turkeys for today!

decorating over kitchen cabinets imageThe addition of this display area above the kitchen cabinets was allowed by the creation of this traditional looking molding. It’s just perfect to show a great  collection of decorative plates. If your cabinets are square and plain at the top, adding an inexpensive molding is an  cheap way to give them a better presence.

decorating the top of kitchen cabinets photos

This lovely serie of yellow and green accents gives an interesting rhythm to this kitchen design. The enclosed decorating plates add deepness and set a warm ambient lighting.

above kitchen cabinet decor imageYou can group a collection of similar items — like these baskets — to create a much bigger impact over your kitchen cabinets than if a lot of random objects are used. It’s a common rule in many aspects of design like landscaping or decorating: grouping by similar items avoids cluttering the space and gives more impact to a scene.

decorating top of kitchen cabinets picsHere’s a nice idea to decorate over your kitchen cabinets: animal prints! Love the easels and the big red L, they would fit with the entire scheme of the house and blur the limits between functional and living spaces.

over the kitchen cabinet decorating imagesLet’s leave a blank space above cabinets! The lighting above the kitchen island and spotlights above the cabinets warms up the room.

ways to decorate above kitchen cabinets pictures

Top part above the window makes a nice way to tie in the cabinets with the window. This jar collection match the other accent colors of the room.

What about you? How would you like to decorate over your kitchen cabinets?

All photos by Houzz

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