The Various Ways to Cut a Bell Pepper


You'd better to peel off the peppers if you want to serve them raw, because the skin is not very digest.


Cut the top wit the attached stem.


Now you can see the core with seeds.


Remove the core and stems.


Hold the pepper firmly and cut bracelets slowly.


To make sticks, first cut the pepper into wedges.


Cut the wedges around the core.


Then cut wedges into sticks.


Cut the sticks once more perpendicularly to make dices.

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Bell peppers (or sweet peppers) are lovely ingredients if you know how to use them. They are fresh, fruity and sweet and add color to any dish you prepare. You can cook them in many ways: stir fried, roasted, stewed, grilled, or even raw. Today we’ll look at how to cut and prepare sweet peppers for cooking. This includes removing the stem, seeding, and cutting into the shape you need according to your recipe.

If you serve raw peppers — for an appetizer dip, for instance — you’d better peel the skin off because it’s not easy to digest.

Once you have removed the stem and seeds, there are several possible cuts:

  • To cut them into bracelets, hold the pepper firmly and cut slowly.
  • To cut in sticks, first cut pepper into 4 wedges then cut sticks slowly.
  • To make dices, stack the pepper sticks together and cut perpendicularly.

Have a nice time cutting bell peppers!

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