Help! How Can I Make the Perfect Omelet?

how to make the perfect omeletI’m a college student and started cooking on my own few months ago, but omelets continue to elude me… It should be simple but, I’m afraid to leave uncooked eggs on the surface before folding and I always end up making burnt and cracked scramble eggs.  Please help me out! Sent by Lisa

Editor: The key for the perfect omelet is to scramble gently at the very beginning of the cooking. You should pour the egg mixture into the center of the pan (medium fire), and tilt the pan so the eggs spread around the entire surface. As they set, stir them very gently with a spatula, pulling the set eggs up and allowing the liquid to spread into the pan. Doing this allows the eggs to cook evenly. Cook the omelet until the bottom is set and the top is just set but still looks moist; count 1 to 2 minutes. The eggs will continue to set after cooking, so your omelet will arrive perfectly cooked onto your plate.

More tips:

  • You can cook some additive ingredients (ham, pepper strips, etc…) with the eggs, but always add cheese at the end.
  • Don’t over-beat your egg mixture because it will toughen the protein in the whites resulting in a less fluffy omelet.
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