Help! How Can I Cook Leaner Red Meat?

how to cook a lean steakQuestion: My husband loves red meat but he wants to reduce his fat consumption and progressively skip to leaner meats like poultry. How can we make a smooth transition, still cooking red meat? Sent by Dorothee

Editor: Opt for leaner cuts of steak: Some specific cuts contain less than 10 grams of fat per serving. Ask your butcher for advices! Popular cuts are top round, blade and flank. Plus, if you want them tender, you don’t have to marinate them if you’re  in a hurry. The secret to keeping a lean steak tender is to cook it to medium rare and thinly slice it against the grain. Contrary to some beliefs, don’t try to sear it over high heat, because it will dry it up quicker. But let the meat rest covered for a while after cooking. This allows to juices to flow back into the meat and make it tender.

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