Light On! How to Choose Your Kitchen Lighting

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When choosing light fixtures for your kitchen, there are two rules to memorize: a warm and bright atmosphere for the overall room, and focused lighting on specific or task areas. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right lighting system for your kitchen.

General kitchen lighting

First, find a great central lighting fixture to mount on your ceiling; close to a ceiling or  pendant lighting is up to you.  The idea here is to create a warm atmosphere dedicated to flavors and family.  With the amount of existing fixtures on the market, you have a lot of choices!

Specific kitchen lighting, or task lighting

On the downside, you’ll need to think about all the specific locations that you have to illuminate precisely: work plan, stove, sink, etc.  The best option is to install lighting spots right above these elements using track, cable, or rail systems.  Another solution is to use fluorescent tubes.  You can install lights in closets using tubes that light up when you open the door.

Spotlights, LED, or neon tubes

Spotlights blend with any interior and the neon tubes can be placed everywhere — think cove lighting —but you can also choose LEDs.  LEDs consume very little energy.  They are sometimes insufficient for general lighting, but work pretty well for specific areas. Moreover, LED fixtures are very versatile.  Since there are no bulbs, LEDs can be sold mounted on straps, spots, panels, etc.  LEDs are a very convenient solution, especially for kitchen renovation or remodeling when you have to adapt to the existing structure.

Photo credit: Ken Kelly Kitchen Williston Park, NY, US 11596

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