Choosing Your Kitchen Table: 3 Handy Tricks You Should Know

how to chose a kitchen table

Round, square, rectangular, high or not, kitchen tables are available in multiple shapes.  The choices are so vast that the most important thing to keep in mind is to select a table that is durable — read: a table that is designed to withstand shock, heat, and is easy to clean.

How to select the table material: wood, glass or metal

In this respect, wood is logically stronger.  Avoid mixed wood species in the same room: do not install an oak table in a kitchen with pine cabinets.   Brushed, polished, or varnished wooden tables can fit in many interiors.  Glass better suits modern kitchens, though it’s fragile and expensive.  Modernity is also reflected with a metal table, but cleaning is not easy on metallic surfaces.

Choosing the right size

Big feasts rarely take place in the kitchen, so you don’t need to invade your kitchen with a table that is too large.  Your table surface should be fine as a complementary worktop or casual dining area, but nothing more.  If you already have a kitchen island installed, you should avoid adding anything other than a simple cart or double folding table.  A round table allows for better circulation, but always must be installed in the middle of the kitchen, unless you really want to waste some space!

If your kitchen is very small…

There are two solutions for a small eat-in kitchen: a folding table or a wall-mounted table that folds, with a metallic stand. Photo credit: Chr DAUER Architects San Francisco, CA, US 94107

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