7 Herbal Teas that Heal

Running parallel to traditional medicine is a type called soft or alternative, which is mainly based on plants.  This is herbal medicine.  It utilizes herbs to prepare natural remedies.  Here is our selection of the most 7 surprising herbal teas.

A simple way to treat

First we need to specify the difference between general medicine and herbal medicine.  The first attempts to diagnose the problem in the patient, and prescribe treatments according to this.  The second prepares this treatment: it transforms simple plants into natural medicinal remedies.

The remedy is often presented as a beverage obtained by the infusion, decoction, or maceration of plants.  Here’s 7 herbal teas to help you fight against the little problems of everyday life, in lieu of, or in addition to traditional medicine. This is a post about herbal tea from a broader point of view.

1. Bad breath: Boil in a liter of water a mixture of Echinacea, myrrh, and calendula.  Let stand for five to ten minutes, and drink it throughout the day.

2. Simple burns: Initially, cold water will calm the pain.  For healing, you can apply compresses soaked in sage tea.  To prepare the decoction, simply boil a handful of sage for ten minutes, then let it cool.

3. Canker sores: These small mouth ulcers can become very annoying.  To prepare the tea, boil 25 g of blackberry leaves in a liter of water for two minutes.  Let steep for ten minutes, strain and gargle!

4. Memory problems: Take an infusion of oak leaves (20 g per liter of water).

5. Influenza: Try this recipe for grog: in a pint of water, boil one teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, and three cloves.  Let steep for ten minutes then strain.  Add lemon juice, and drink.  Some may add honey, and even rhum, but be careful with the amount.

6. Nausea: In one liter of water, infuse one teaspoon of thyme and marjoram. Drink with small sips all day long.  An alternative is to boil a knob of grated fresh ginger.  But be careful if you have any heart troubles, as ginger is a strong stimulant.

7. Constipation: Infuse a handful of viola flower in one liter of boiling water for ten minutes.  It is also good for headaches.

The use of herbs is a dicipline because plants can be dangerous.  A plant is often considered harmless, but if it is misused, it can become toxic.

So do not improvise as a herbalist.  Everyone has a different metabolism, so ask your pharmacist or doctor.  You can buy ready-made preparations from a specialist, your local organic store, or online.

Photo by: yourbartender

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