Help! I Need Advice on a Roaster Oven

best Roaster OvenQuestion: ” I would like a roaster oven, mainly to make stock, because I want to be able to use my small-built in oven for other preparations likes cookies and cakes. And I think a roaster would be easier for making stock, than on top of the stove. How good are they as a substitute for a crockpot? Is it possible to sear a roast in one, then set for a slow roast?”
Sent by Amanda

Editor: A roaster is often the most regularly used appliance next a oven or a coffee maker. One great benefit over making stock on the stove is that you can put it on the back porch to avoid any additional heat in the kitchen, and you know, the longer you cook, the more flavorful the stock is. Plus you can bake in the roaster instead of turning on an oven, as you said, it can be a good point.

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