Help! How to Keep Milk from Burning?

how to keep milk from burningQuestion:“I’m a college student and I love having my latte on breakfast every morning but, I have tried all sorts of saucepans, all sorts of ways of heating, the milk always burns on the bottom of my pan. And of course it’s a nightmare to clean afterwards. What can I do?”
Sent by Justine

Editor: Milk shouldn’t be heated too fast, you may think the surface is lukewarm when the bottom is hot and begins to burn. Here’s few principles you can follow to avoid a burnt taste and sticking to the pan:

  • Use a heavy or thick bottomed saucepan or pot, that will heat evenly.
  • Wet the bottom of the pan to create a protective layer of water.
  • Always simmer, if you boil milk too hard or too fast it will scorch and burn if not stirred.
  • As soon as it boils remove from the heat and keep stirring.
  • Use  microwave or double boiler if you have one of these.

(Image credit: David Joyce, published under Creative Common)

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