6 Tips to Prepare Healthy and Balanced Desserts

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Healthy doesn’t often sound good with dessert. It’s a fact that creamy desserts, sugar full ice-creams and fatty cupcakes might taste good, but they are definitely not our best friends regarding a healthy and balanced diet. There are plenty of practical alternatives that can improve the way we make and eat desserts. Before reviewing our 7 Easy and Healthy Desserts Recipes, here is some advice for preparing healthy desserts without sacrificing our gourmet soul.

1. Prefer the preparation of homemade desserts

This is the ABC. Not only you can choose the ingredients and therefore their quality, but you also affect the quantities. You can, for example, systematically reduce by 20% the amount of sugar proposed in a cake recipe.

2. Let the butter dish aside

The objective is to reduce saturated fats in favor of unsaturated fats. They allow to increase the good cholesterol which guarantees a good balance regarding cardiovascular diseases.

Certainly, a butter cream is a butter cream, but nothing prevents you to give a try to other preparations to replace butter with a good organic olive oil, virgin and cold pressed, or a puree of organic oilseeds such the almond puree. Bio oil seeds purees (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews …) are high in protein and vitamins as well as essential fatty acids. Substitutes to butter help to reduce the levels of “bad” cholesterol.

3. Adopt a vegetable attitude!

In the same vein as the previous advice, namely the reduction of saturated fat, replace cow’s milk in recipes for vegetable drinks prepared from cereals, soya and oilseeds.

The choice is immense in Organic Stores: rice milk, oats, soybeans, almond milk, quinoa, chestnut, hazelnut …. And do not puke just because you remembered the taste of soy milk! Try the others!
Organic-food-lovers know to play skillfully with the flavor of each beverage according to the sweet recipes.
It is indeed a big advantage to be able to create alliances between a gourmet vegetable milk and remaining ingredients. You’ll find that you cannot do without!

You want good news? These drinks are also available in vegetable cream: rice, oats, almond creams… to replace the cow’s milk cream! It will be just a little more difficult to make a make a whipped cream!

4. Forget the white sugar

Pro-Organic people know there are a lot of alternatives to refined white sugar. The first thing to take is to replace your regular sugar for cane sugar or unrefined brown sugar, blond or honey.

At least you don’t absorb empty calories because, as it is unrefined, this sugar retains some of these vitamins and minerals. By the way, you will find it a subtle vanilla scent. The great class!
The very best is to use the whole cane sugar, unrefined. From organic farming, it is mainly known as exotic and Brown Sugar Muscovado. However, it will get used to your taste buds taste a bit strong.
You already know honey, maple syrup and agave syrup… Explore the cereal syrups (wheat, rice, malt and corn) that have a lower glycemic index and contain more nutrients as from unrefined grains. Also like their sweetness is higher, you do very little to add your preparations.

5. Diversify your meals

The white flour you may eat normally is low in nutrients that are removed during refining. Prefer a T80 wheat flour (half full) which is high in fiber and essential nutrients.

Then opt for diversification and you will see that here too, the choice is wide!
To start, use of rice flour (full or semi-complete) which has a neutral flavor. Gluten-free rice flour is non-allergenic and can make lighter and softer cakes.

You can then vary the pleasures by gradually adding chestnut flour, quinoa, Kamut, Spelt…

6. Load with fruit!

Rich in vitamins and fiber… fruits are essential to ensure their regular intake, natural and tailored to individual needs.
Preferably opt for fresh fruit salads, while limiting the peeling to improve the diversity of contributions.

At a dinner with friends, why don’t you replace your traditional Tiramisu (even if you’re an expert) with a pineapple mille-feuille, raspberry or a pretty watermelon-red fruit. Your guests will be, undoubtedly, delighted to finish the meal with a note of freshness!

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