DIY: Last Minute Halloween Snack for Kids

last minute halloween kid snacksThese small apple bites make for a festive, healthy, and seasonal snack to any Halloween kid’s table. Ready in five minutes and with only 2 ingredients, we suspect kids would have a blast making these!

What you’ll need to make the apple bites

  • Apples – count 4 monsters per apple.
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Lemon juice
  • A sharp paring knife
  • A small brush

last minute halloween treats for kids


1. Rinse the apples and pat dry. Squeeze lemon and collect the juice in a small glass.
2. Cut the apples into quarters, then carve a wedge out of each quarter to make the mouth. Brush each quarters with lemon juice to prevent the flesh from browning.
3. Make small holes in the jaws with the tip of the knife and cut small triangles to make the teeth. Brush the teeth with lemon juice before inserting into he little holes.
4. Cut out small squares from the apple above the mouth to make the eyes. Insert pomegranate seeds and you’re done with these freaky little biters!

last minute halloween recipes for kids

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