Growing Sprouts for Cooking: All the Secrets of Germinated Seeds in the Kitchen

Organic Sprouting Seeds for Kitchen - Growing Sprouts for Cooking More and more trendy, sprouts add touch of pizzazz to our dishes and verrines. Good news, no need to have a green thumb to grow our own sprouts in our kitchen.
Whether you’re cooking a soup, tabbouleh or verrines of any kind, design side, the current trend is the use of germinated seeds. They bring a fresh and original side, but it is still necessary to have some at hand.
Fortunately, growing sprouts is a breeze, all you need is a hotbed. Usually made of plastic but occasionally glass and teracotta are the essential materials.

Growing seeds consists of having several tanks in which we have disposed previously rinsed seeds. The advantage is that you can put several varieties to germinate at the same time. We water the seeds every day and after 2 or 3 days, depending on the seed, the germ is large enough to be eaten.

The hard part now is to choose among the varieties that are so numerous that is it frequent that we don’t know where to turn! Fortunately, some good books about growing edible sprouts are available on the market.

growing sprouts for cooking - germinated seeds cooking kitchen

Anyway, know that radish, mustard and rocket will be your best allies. Sunflowers, soybeans and green lenses accommodate themselves wonderfully in salads and sandwiches. While alfalfa is the undisputed star of the glasses with his side fresh and slightly spicy.

And nothing to spoil, sprouts provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements in our body. Nice and healthy, what more!

Sprouts and Sprouting, by Valerie Cupillard is a complete guide to sprouting seeds and beans, including how to sprout successfully, sprouting equipment, nutritional information and over 70 recipes. It is the ideal handbook, both for beginners and seasoned sprouters.

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