Brighten Your Table: 10 Green Dinnerware Sets

Green bowl set

1. Normann Copenhagen – Krenit Bowl — $109.00 via Amazon

green-Wine Glass

2. Stacking Green Acrylic Wine Glass — $19.99 via Amazon

Green 20 Piece Rack Set

3. Cambridge Barcelona Green 20 Piece Rack Set – $29.99 via Hayneedle

Dinnerware Green image

4. Andros Green Melamine Dinner Plate —$4.95 via Crate and Barel

green Soup Bowl

5. Polka Dot Soup Bowl, Green — $12.00 via C Wwonder

Green Dinner Plate

6. Mine Side Plate in Lime — $35.00 via Amazon

Dinnerware Se Green image

7. 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Green — $57.35 via Amazon

green bowl and Cup Set

8. Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set - $14.90 via Amazon

green Floral Dinnerware Service pictures

9. Geometric Floral Dinnerware Service — $61.90 via Horchow

Green Dinnerware Set

10. Oneida Color Burst Kiwi Green — $49.99 via Amazon

Green bowl set thumbnail
green-Wine Glass thumbnail
Green 20 Piece Rack Set thumbnail
Dinnerware- Green thumbnail
green Soup Bowl thumbnail
Green Dinner Plate thumbnail
Dinnerware Se Green thumbnail
green Bowl and Cup Set thumbnail
green Floral Dinnerware Service thumbnail
Green Dinnerware Set thumbnail

Who said green was a cold color? We’ll prove this cannot be more wrong with this selection of unique, green dinnerware. From plates, to glasses and soup bowls, pick up your favorite and tell us how you would pair them together- white or off white table linens, and gold or silver tablecloth trims for example!

 1st row:

1. Normann Copenhagen – Krenit Bowl — $109.00
What we like:
 the sharp edge and the flashy contrast giving the bowl its modern expression.

2. Stacking Green Acrylic Wine Glass  $19.99
What we like:
the smooth design that feels so good in your hand, the nice apple-green color, it’s stackable!

3. Cambridge Barcelona Green 20 Piece Rack Set – $29.99
What we like: the complete coordinated look, without having to be too formal.

4. Andros Green Melamine Dinner Plate – $4.95
What we like:
light and sleek, the solid color.

5. Polka Dot Soup Bowl, Green —  $12.00
What we like: 
the golden topping on the edge, so elegant!


2nd row:

6. Mine Side Plate in Lime — $35.00
What we like:
the foggy texture, kind of a dreamscape in a plate!

7. 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Green — $57.35
What we like: casual and durable enough for everyday use, the romantic yet contemporary patterns will suit any dinner table.

8. Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set – $14.90
What we like: 
squishy silicone is fun! The kids will love it — squishing their potato salad as they eat it! More importantly for your picnic, these things squish flat for storage.

9. Geometric Floral Dinnerware Service — $61.90
What we like: cozy, casual and charming!

10. Oneida Color Burst Kiwi Green — $49.99
What we like:
the contrast between bright white exterior that reveal the green interior.

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