10 Fun Kitchen Utensils That Introduce Your Kids to The Joy of Cooking

Kids love to cook and help in the kitchen. Have you noticed that your children wants to do everything you’re doing? With the right tool set, you can bring them into the kitchen with you and seize the opportunity to help them safely develop their independence, confidence, and coordination skills! Here’s a selection of trusted kitchen utensils specially designed for children as you introduce them to new foods and recipes.

1st row:
Kinderkitchen Dog Knife, by  Kuhn Rikon – $14.99 Amazon
2. Banana Slicer by Hutzler – $2.52 Amazon
3. Fun Brownie Maker, by Kalorik – $34.99 Home Depot
4. Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Set, by Kuhn Rikon – $9.39 Amazon
5. Gaby Green Cheese Grater, by Boston Warehouse – $9.95 Amazon

2nd row:
 Star Wars™ Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters – $9.99 Williams Sonoma
7. Piggy Wiggy Little Egg Whisk, by Jo!e – $5.45 Amazon
8. 27-Piece Set, by Curious Chef – $56.01 Amazon
9. Vegetable Cutter by Chuboos – $10.00 Amazon
10. Quick Pop Maker, by Zoku – $50.99 Amazon

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