Fruit Ninja: A Colorful Collection of Modern Homewares

If you need a splash of color to revitalize your interior, or just few accents to complete an arty color scheme, these amazing creations are totally worth considering. Designed by Mathery design studio and handmade in Melbourne, Fruit Ninja is a colorful and funny homewares collection. Exploring the natural textures of fruits like oranges, bananas, or melons, they feature geometric cuts of fruit peels, then reassembled as beautfully crafted tabletop and decorative objects.

“We truly believe in the potential of design in a way to communicate and express thoughts and in the power of certain types of materials charged with new functions.”  says the talented designers duo — Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli — on their website. The whole Fruit Ninja product range is available via their online shop.

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funny color homeware designs
(Pictures courtesy of Mathery)

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