Quick Tip: Making Soup with Frozen Vegetables

frozen vegetables in soup

Have you ever fallen short on vegetables when you wanted a delicious and comforting soup for your evening dinner? Keeping fresh vegetables all week long is no possible sometimes, so keeping frozen vegetables is always handy, especially to make quick soups on the go.

Some vegetable like spinach or broccoli can work well in soups, although it’s sometimes difficult to consider them as a main dish. Others, like corn and peas, are real soup staples. Store a few frozen vegetables bags in your freezer, complement them with fresh vegetables when possible, and you can put together a wonderful soup in almost no time and effort.

Here are 2 good ways to use them in soups:

  • 1. If you’re in a hurry, just throw them in, straight from the bag. Remember this will cool off your soup quickly, so it’s going to take longer to cook.
  • 2. The second method — better if you have more time — is to brown the vegetables lightly in oil to defrost them. This will add flavor to both the vegetable and the broth.
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