Tips: Can We Freeze Soup?

Freezing? Everyone talks about it, as many of us use this technique.  Today more than ever, we all ask the question at some point whether this or that food is frozen. So what can we do with the pot of soup prepared this weekend?

What is Freezing

Freezing is a method for preserving homemade food.It is to bring the food to a temperature between -18 ° C and -25 ° C.
The water contained in food is converted into ice.Freezing retains maximum freshness, texture, color of the food, but does not increase its quality.
It therefore requires some care in regards to:

  • Choosing food quality and freshness first
  • Preparing food in accordance with the rules of hygiene
  • Wrapping food properly
  • Ensuring the recommended temperature

Some products are better suited to freezing than others.  Avoid freezing milk, yogurt, cheese, or eggs in their shells.
Almost all vegetables lend themselves well to freezing.  However, tomatoes, zucchini, and potatoes lose their flavor when they are frozen whole, but are not altered when they are cooked (sauce, mashed potatoes, etc).
As for meats, they can all be frozen.  However, as freezing breaks the cells, the water contained in meat tends to escape if it is not cooked quickly.  For sautéing and grilling, it is better to use fresh meat (frozen meat is ok if there is no other alternative).  Frozen raw meat will be perfect for stews and slow cooking dishes.

Freezing soups

Soups freeze well in general, as the ingredients are cooked, crushed, and mixed together.  The flavor is absolutely not altered.
Adding pasta or rice will happen after thawing, because the soup may quickly turn to mush.  It is also possible to add more vegetables like carrot slices, potato pieces, etc.
To freeze a soup, it will be prepared as usual.  Cooking will be stopped by immersing the pan in ice water.  The soup is then poured into a rigid container or an empty plastic bottle.
Care should be taken not to fill up the container in order to allow the liquid to increase in volume during freezing.  Thawing will take place at room temperature.

What soup is currently in you freezer? What soup do you keep for late autumn dinners?

(image: devousenmoi)

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