5 Things To Try This Week-End

We always love to see which of our tips you’re trying, so don’t forget to share with us how it turned for you via our Facebook page. Happy weekend!

best blueberry popsicle recipe

Sweet and refreshing— Celebrate the end of summer with these luscious looking Blueberry Popsicles from Brittni Mehloff of Paper & Stitch.

Copper and Pine Magazine Rack

Francesca from Fall for DIY shares a detailed tutorial to make an amazing stripped down magazines rack from copper pipe and pine dowel. Discover the step by step instructions here.

thanksgiving luminaries

... Because it's never too early to make some preps for the Holidays season! These DIY luminaries from Creature Comfort have all our attention right now.

crispy cuban egg rolls

I was looking for something quick to make for this friday night and I stumbled upon these Crispy Cuban Egg Rolls by Meagan from A Zesty Bite. They look definitely gorgeous!

DIY marble planter

Succulents are very decorative and don’t need much care, maybe that's why they are our favorite plants! Lisa at It's Pretty Nice a cool way to make a faux marble planter for our little green friends.

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